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TagCrazy’s totally unique advertising concept reaches 100% of your target market – GOLFERS, on the course, playing the game they love! Every golfer displaying a TagCrazy photographic bagtag is a walking advertisement for your club or resort. TagCrazy’s dynamic visual appeal is your standing invitation to all who see it – all over the world! Now you have the best exposure imaginable: “Word of mouth advertising!” That’s effective! That’sTagCrazy!Fullpersonalization is optional add-on service for all luggage tags. Please fill in all pertinent name, address, city, state, zip. Phone number is optional.Please note: When ordering a back side personalized luggage tag, the back side will always be white with black lettering.Product returns are not permitted when ordering a personalized luggage tag. Please be certain you have spelled all information correctly as we will image the product exactly as you have spelled it.